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First Point Urgent Care is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. We also accept cash and most major credit cards.


  • Self-pay Pricing: If you are a self pay patient at the time of service we offer a charity/courtesy discount based on the rates listed below, as needed. This pricing is a discount from our regular fee schedule. Should you get a bill with a remaining balance that balance is based on your insurance companies agreeable and allowable rates for the area, your contract with the insurance company, our contractual agreement with the insurance company, and not the self pay rates listed below. The discounted self-pay amount will need to be paid IN FULL at the time of the visit. Partial payment of the self-pay price may result in additional fees due to costs associated with billing.


Level 1     $119  Provider visit  (no test-sinus/ear infection, cold, back pain, medication refill, etc)

Level 2     $139 Provider visit with 1-2 instant lab tests (Flu, RSV, Strep throat, Urinalysis, fever, fatigue, bladder infection, etc)

Level 3     $179 Provider visit with any injection, nebulizer treatment, blood tests (asthma, bronchitis, COPD, dehydration, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, pneumonia, sprain/strain, minor cut with adhesive closure, etc)

Level 4     $229  Provider visit with X-ray, EKG, any procedure  such as(Incision/Drainage, abscess, cerumen/fish hook/ingrown toenail removal, laceration repair with sutures/staples, skin tag removal, foreign object, splinting/crutches, etc).




We accept major insurances and as a courtesy, will bill your insurance company on your behalf. All insurance eligibility must be verified prior to acceptance. If you DO NOT carry health insurance; we can provide a discounted self-pay rate (see prices below). Verification of eligibility is NOT a guarantee of payment by your insurance company. Payment is determined solely by your insurance provider when the claim processes.

After your insurance claim has been processed: 3 things could happen:

1. Your insurance will pay for everything (Great! You have a very good insurance policy. You have probably met your deductible/maximal out of pocket for the year, or you may be paying a higher monthly premium for better coverage).

2. You may get a bill from us if your insurance did not pay. Perhaps you have not met  your annual deductible or only paid a partial copay at the time of service. Today, due to the rising cost of health care, many insurance plans require that members pay the yearly deductible first ($500 to $10,000) before they will pay their share-generally 80% to 100% of the visit cost. This will be detailed in the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) sent to you by your insurance company. You should receive this or be able to access on your insurance companies online website before you get the bill from us. Most insurance companies will send this to you 2-6 weeks after you have been seen at any doctor's office/hospital or other facility.

3. You may get a refund/credit from us if over-payment was made (if more than $35, if the credit is less than $35 we will provide credit on your account for your next visit). Again, the EOB sent by your insurance company will tell you what your patient responsibility should have been at the time of visit.


You are responsible for all charges incurred if your insurance coverage is not in effect at time of service or for services not covered by your insurance plan. Outstanding balances must be paid before you can be seen again. We highly recommend that you contact your insurance company's Customer Service Department (you can find the toll free number on the front or back of the card under member services) prior to your visit to First Point Urgent Care to inquire about what is covered and what is not covered, your co-payment, coinsurance and or deductible amounts, etc. 

Please understand that, up to 9% of the time we can not determine your eligibility at the time of visit. In this case, you may be required to pay the full amount up front. Everyone should understand their coverage as outlined in the contract when you signed up for your insurance policy. Doctors office/hospitals file the medical claims as a courtesy to you to your insurance company and thus, only you and the insurance company know your EXACT benefits since this is your insurance policy. What we collect at the time of your visit is only an ESTIMATE

Insurance claim processing can take up to 60 days which can sometimes cause a delay before you see a statement from our billing department. 

Additional Fees: 


There is an additional $30 dollar fee for completion of forms

  • Family Medical Leave Act or any other Forms for short term medical leave/short term disability. 

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans,

contact our clinic directly at:

816-505-3669 Missouri

913-856-1369  Kansas 

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​Currently Accepting the following plans: 

  • United Health/UMR/Golden Rule/GEHA

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • PHCS Multiplan

  • Aetna/First Health Net/Coresource

  • Cigna

  • Freedom Network

  • Medicare/Medicare Advantage

  • Veteran Benefits Administration

  • Coventry  

  • Humana   

  • Tricare

  • Cerner

  • Ambetter Home State Health/WellCare

  • Missouri Medicaid Plans-Missouri MOHealthNet, Home State Health, Missouri WellCare, United Health Care Community Plan.

  • Kansas Medicaid Community Plans-United/Aetna/Sunflower Community

  • Healthy Blue

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