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***Rapid RT PCR/MOLECULAR COVID TEST (APPROVED for international travel) and Rapid Antigen-Result in 15-45 mins with QR Code instructions. It's the paitent's responsibility to check their travel destination's testing/QR code requirement. Please also bring current passport***

***The Care Act Fund has been depleted. If you have insurance-check with your insurance carrier. Most insurance covers COVID test; but NO LONGER pay for the administrative fees, COVID test for travel/school/work will not be covered by insurance as not considered a medical necessity***Cost is collected up-front !!!

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ABBOTT RT-PCR test and Sofia Rapid Antigen test take 15 minutes to run and up to 1 hour for result

CEPHEID test for Covid alone or combination (Covid, Influenza, and RSV) take 45 minutes to run and up to 1 hour for result.  All of our tests are approved for Emergency Use Authorization by FDA.



***If your Covid test or visit is not covered and you receive a bill from our clinic and CANNOT pay this bill (due to job loss/reduced income during this pandemic, etc); please call the Billing at 866-998-1313 (listed on the statement) from 9am to 4pm. Leave a message if NO ANSWER (due to high call volume). You can also email them at They will absolutely work with you. You may have to sign a short financial statement for us so that we can reduce your bill or write it off. As always, please call your insurance carrier first to verify coverage before testing.  Self-pay price is $69-paid at the time of service for Antigen and $119 for PCR***