***Rapid Nasal PCR/Molecular result in 15 minutes-For international travel requirement

***Rapid Antigen Nasal- result in 15 minutes-FREE without insurance

***Antibody Blood Test-Result in 10 minutes


***We currently provide COVID-19 Moderna vaccines for ALL patients 18 years and older at our Missouri location and Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at our Kansas location. Pfizer vaccines are for patients 12yrs and older. Please click on the Vaccine Appt button below for your appointment. The Vaccine effectiveness is up to 95%. It protects patients from moderate/severe COVID which means reducing hospitalization and preventing death. If your work place has more than 8 employees, we can come to your business to provide vaccine for your staff*** 



Vaccines Now Available in both MO and KS Locations.
*** NOTE***
When you click on the link on the right and go to the "Request An Appointment" page, then select from the drop down whether you want the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

COVID Testing Policy and Steps In Getting COVID 19 appointments online


Request appointment date and time by clicking the box above-DO NOT SHOW UP at this appointment time-this is when the doctor will call you first to talk about your symptoms, order tests, or prescribe medications, etc.

  • Once we confirm the appointment date/time; we will send ONLINE paperwork to fill out and return to us electronically - take less than 10 minutes.

  • A provider will then call and speak with you at the appointment date/time, then schedule you time for testing.

  • Our staff will verify ID/Insurance and collect nasal sample. 

  • Find a place to park your car while waiting for result (25 minutes after nasal swab).

  • Walk to the door with the "Pick Up Result" sign to obtain your result. Any questions, please let the staff know and our doctor will call you again.

The online paperwork is a REQUIRED STEP before the doctor can call you; WITHOUT these demographic forms returned online or emailed to us, we CANNOT call or test you.


If you experience any of the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell, body ache/fatigue, malaise, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath or you are >65 years of age, or have Diabetes, COPD, Smoking, Asthma, Hypertension, or a depressed immune system, please schedule a telemedicine call with our provider for COVID-19 testing. We accept orders from your doctors as well. 
The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to the manufacturing lab we have ordered our test through.
 ***Even if you DO NOT have insurance, but experience ANY of the above symptoms, our clinic currently offers FREE telephone visits and FREE TESTING.  FREE only for the un-insured through the Care Act, we will need a DL or SSN to be able to submit your info to the Care Act and they will have to approve you as uninsured before we can be reimbursed for these. Please note it is FRAUD to state you have no insurance and need assistance through this program if you do currently have active insurance coverage. Our goal is trying to identify those with mild/no symptoms, encourage social distancing, and protect those that are most vulnerable to this deadly virus in this pandemic***
***If you have insurance; but testing for COVID-19 is not a covered service and you receive a bill from our clinic and CANNOT pay this bill (due to job loss/reduced income during this pandemic, etc); please call the Billing at 866-998-1313 (also listed on the statement) from 9am to 4pm. Leave a message if they do not answer (on a high call volume as well). They will absolutely work with you. You may have to sign a short financial statement for us so that we can reduce your bill or write it off. As always, please call your insurance carrier first to verify coverage before testing. Self-pay price is $109-paid at the time of service for Antigen and $119 for PCR***
ANTI-BODY TESTING!!!   The antibody test shows if you had a past infection of COVID 19 and have recovered within the last 2 weeks. Results are available in 2-10 minutes and performed on site. Because antibody testing is not 100% accurate the FDA still recommends social distancing/stay at home guidelines. If your test is positive, we are required to also follow it up with a nasal swab test since the antibody test can give a positive result on more than just COVID-19 (other Corona Virus examples that could cause positive result are Influenza and RSV).  Broad antibody testing could give the U.S. a better picture of how many people have already been infected and who may have immunity. For additional information on why widespread testing is being used see the attached link for the FDA's website: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-serological-test-validation-and-education-efforts.