***Rapid RT PCR/MOLECULAR  (APPROVED for international travel)-Result in 15 mins; but up to 30 minutes for administrative time and Rapid Antigen test***


***If you are UN-INSURED the Care Act covers full COVID vaccine/test costs. If you have insurance-check with your carrier. Most cover the vaccine/test, some apply the administrative fees to patient's responsibility. ***

***Due to an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 cases---we CANNOT answer the phone. Any questions, please call your doctor, go to our website or CDC website for answers***If did not receive results by end of the day, please email us immediately. Emails are answered at the end of the day***.  

***WALK-INS COVID TEST*** Wait time varies. But to expedite the process, you need to request an appointment on your phone while in the clinic-Pick a time slot by clicking on the BLUE, ORANGE, or GRAY button. Enter your name, phone number, email, and insurance. If your insurance is not listed, choose SELF-PAY.  Then click REQUEST APPOINTMENT.

***Next, fill out a 1-page form with required information/symptoms. If no appointment available for the current time, pick the next available future slot, then we will move the future appointment to the current time and get you tested. We are required to report all test results to the state within 24 hours, so we CANNOT test anyone without providing the demographic information.


Click on the BUTTON book an appointment.  

Abbott 2.jpg
Cepheid 1.jpg



1.  Pick your DATE and TIME, enter patient information, payment.  If your insurance is not listed, choose SELF PAY.  Then click REQUEST APPOINTMENT.

2.  We will send you a SMS text link to fill out required information to the email/cell phone you provided

3.  Our staff will verify ID/Insurance.  

4. provider will call you at the appointment date/time to screen your symptoms, exposure, medical history, etc. to determine the severity of your illness if you should need any prescribed medications, chest X-Rays, monoclonal antibody infusion therapy, etc.


If  you have not received a call at your booked date and time or having difficulty completing your forms online, GO AHEAD AND WALK IN and we will have you complete your information manually and you will get tested.

5. You and provider will set a time convenient for you to come in.

6.  After you get swabbed,

  • You can have your result by:

    • Wait in your car

    • Text to your mobile phone


The paperwork is a REQUIRED STEP for both appointment and walk-ins visits, so that we have your INSURANCE information and State required minimum paperwork for Covid test results being reported to the State within 24 hours.


ABBOTT RT-PCR test and Sofia Rapid Antigen test take 15 minutes to run and up to 1 hour for result

CEPHEID test for Covid alone or combination (Covid, Influenza, and RSV) take 45 minutes to run and up to 1 hour for result.  All of our tests are approved for Emergency Use Authorization by FDA.


 ***If you DO NOT have insurance, our clinic offers FREE Covid-related telemedicine visit and testing through the CARE ACT.  You must provide a DL or SSN, in order to apply for the government grant to cover your visit and test.   Please note it is FRAUD to state you have no insurance and need assistance through this program if you do currently have an active insurance coverage. 
***If your Covid test or visit is not covered and you receive a bill from our clinic and CANNOT pay this bill (due to job loss/reduced income during this pandemic, etc); please call the Billing at 866-998-1313 (listed on the statement) from 9am to 4pm. Leave a message if NO ANSWER (due to high call volume). They will absolutely work with you. You may have to sign a short financial statement for us so that we can reduce your bill or write it off. As always, please call your insurance carrier first to verify coverage before testing.  Self-pay price is $75-paid at the time of service for Antigen and $119 for PCR***