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Please note: Our ability to vaccinate depends on the supply, provided to us by the state, of vaccines each week.

First Point Urgent Care currently offers the vaccine by appointment or WALK-INS.  

To learn more about the Vaccines please follow this link:

Please come prepared with your current list of medications, allergies, drivers license and insurance card. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan through UHC, BCBS, CIGNA, etc.. you will need to bring a copy of your straight Medicare card or provide your SSN and DOB so we can look your Medicare number up. If you are uninsured the Uninsured Care Act will cover the cost, you must attest that you have no insurance coverage and provide your Drivers license and/or Social Security Number or other State ID. There is no cost for the vaccine, the administration fee will be covered by your insurance plan at 100% with no cost share.

Please let the staff  know if you have any severe allergies, you are immunocompromised, have COPD, heart disease, diabetes or other serious conditions. All patients will be required to stay at least 15 minutes after their vaccination for observation for any adverse effects. You will be provided with a CDC Vaccine Card with your Vaccine manufacturer, lot number and time of your second dose. The second dose should be received no earlier than 28 days after your first dose for Moderna Vaccines and Pfizer Vaccines no earlier than 3 weeks.

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